Run Pablo Run

Turns out I missed out on my half-year blog anniversary. Gutted, on a side tangent you know you’re sad when the only anniversary you’re hoping to celebrate around Valentines day is that of your darling blog.

I’m treating today as the start of my new week. I started off having the bench off of the century with this lifting scrub, I’d been trashtalking for a good week and I was ready for him to lose. Well turns out I got destroyed, he bested me by 2.5kg then proceeded to humiliate me at everything else.

I decided to check out the library afterwards, I was at a loss for things to read so I thought it would be a decent start, after a pretty long walk it turned out it was closed. Now I was bursting for a pee and needed to put on some trousers because shorts and snow don’t mix well. I run to the nearby church, it would be my sanctuary. There’s some strange Cantonese Chinese new year festival going on. Bingo. I wander around for a good few minutes smiling at old Asian people who seem to somehow recognize me. Then I spy the jackpot, tinkle and change then run back out of the church after grabbing a few spring rolls and a water.


4 hours later and I’m back. I have this quote from Redbeard that seems to apply to me right now: “Don’t take it personally if she flakes you, girls like that are usually flaking on their own lives.” More specifically I’ve got this feeling that recently I’ve been flaking on my own life, missing deadlines, taking shortcuts and taking the easy way out. It stops, from now…or tomorrow


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