As It Should Be

As far as firsts go today was good. Mum randomly hits me with this course thing that I have to attend the this morning, there’s all my plans scrapped. I loaf around the house for a while, make some matcha tea (it’s slimming apparently) try to avoid carbs for breakfast (balsamic avocados and a cheeky bit of last night’s smoked duck)

Then I get the bus off to the course. I need gym so I go to the shops, grab a gum and then a San Pelligrino. I don’t usually drink sparkling water, I abhor the taste but hey I thought it would give a lovely impression to the adults and I wanted to try it, plus Dave taught me some crap about sulfate to carbonate ratios that make SP perfect.

I turn up, I’m on my lonesome, you’re meant to sign up by school but my school wasn’t really included so I try and pretend I attend some school in the middle of nowhere. First up there’s the customary icebreakers, I group up with some kids nearish me. As the responsible adult I try to take charge, some awkward fun facts and I riff off a few funny topics. Speeches start and I end up spending most of it passing notes to this person beside me. I know her fears, aspirations and favourite song and band (it’s Drizzy, I think I fell in love with her) but I forgot her name. I need to work on this memory thing.

The rest of the course goes pretty coursey, there’s a few questions. I try answer a few answers, answering questions in a loud and confident way is pretty essential for networking at these things, people think they can trust you.

In all there’s 6 guys and 1747292 girls at this thing, the people who say less girls succeed in school and uni need to come to one of these events. I befriend some guy, Jack or Adam or something then some other kid Lukas. Then the most incredible thing happens, a guy approaches us and asks “can I be your friend for the day” I nearly gave the kid a standing ovation, never have I seen it done so bluntly before. it worked, I loved George or whatever he was called.

It was kinda this course for people interested in medicine. We branch of into random groups, we whimper as we get separated. Again rinse and repeat with ice breakers and everything. Then some girl asks “what does everyone want to do?” out breaks the concise and thought out answers, paediatrics and radiography, bone doctors and gynos. I chuckle nervously and say I don’t really know. A few people later and it comes to this other girl. She answers the same thing, laughs and smiles.

That’s something I’ve realised. If you’re doing a thing where people answer things in turn, it there’s someone who says something with enough conviction or is so high value, he can dictate the answers of the people following him. In school when the register is taken, the usual response is a yes or a here. Typically I find an alpha male will sometimes change the word, then everyone who follows will use the same word until the next person who can significantly break the mould enough.


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