“So what do you think this man has?”

“…. well he probably has AIDS right..?”

A conversation that seems to keep looping through my head. It’s from Monday again, we got shown a few case studies. This one guy had been seeing multiple girls at once, had a lung infection, possibly cancerous tumour and various other infections. The whole group seemed pretty clueless as to what he had, frankly I didn’t know any of my STIs apart from the fact that crabs was just pubic nits. Then I realised what cancer was, a clump of cells that spread and rapidly grew due to a failure by the immune system to regulate them. He had a bad immune system, thus AIDS.

Today’s post isn’t about the travesty that is AIDS, or even to describe my hideous lack of knowledge about things I really should know, today is about going cold turkey. See in my head getting rid of cancerous tumours and going cold turkey related together perfectly, but the link seems more tenuous now.

I’ve found it. When you find out you have a possibly cancerous tumour, you don’t let it fester or develop under your careful watch, you just have to cut it off. That’s what I’m talking about with going cold turkey.

Recently I’ve realised the way I’ve been going about my life isn’t the right way I should be going, I’ve been trying to hold out against the tumours, hoping they don’t become cancerous, well it’s their nature and I’ve been holding that against them not myself. Take this whole getting fat thing, I’m not terribly worried about getting fat, more about my health, the last few weeks my brain seems to be getting swamped in this awful mess, right now I’ve this throbbing pain in my head, I don’t think I’m sick or anything. I’ve been keeping bad food in the house, going into shops when I’m hungry and putting myself in situations where I can eat bad food. If I’m really serious about healing my brain I probably need to knuckle down on this – the only thing that worries me is I seem pretty complacent about making my brain work.

I had planned to spend most of the afternoon revising, I didn’t. An iPad, vainglory and Netflix stopped me from doing that, it’s just too easy for me too quit things. I just need to put myself in positions where I can’t quit things, where distractions aren’t possible and I do what needs to be done.



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