New Heart, New Start, 100% Cray With the Lord Jesus Christ

Jesus spent 3 days and 3 nights in his little hibernation cave. I spent 4 days and nights cooped up in my bedroom trying my hardest not to die. I’m also pretty sure I managed to listen to radio 4 for 24 hours straight during the period, top that Jesus.

Well I’ve emerged, ready to come down the hill and show ’em the 10 commandments (yeah I don’t go to church). It’s not often you basically leave the mortal world for a few days, take in way too much audio content and ponder strange things like why it feel like I have 5 arms when I sleep or when I suddenly wonder if blankets should be made redundant. One thing I have realized is radio 4 is stupidly repetitive and if I ever end up holed in some old folks home with only a radio on, never leave it on Radio 4.

I really should have something witty or clever to say after my return to the living world, I’ll give it a few hours for the ideas to marinate.

Marination done, nothings really come out, so am out.


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