Smaug the Angry Dragon Smites Kids

I’ve had this strange sensation at the junction between the top of my rib cage, my throat and where my top 2 abs lie buried beneath, well less buried because I’ve thrown up most of my weight, I get this burning feeling. But it’s been going on for well over a day. It’s nice and thankfully easy describable because it just feels like you’ve drank a dram of whiskey and it’s just all gone to the nice little spot in the middle of your chest. It’s been a nice day, I think things have changed, dunno, I‘m just trying to postulate but it seems nicer. I don’t feel like I have as much a point to prove anymore, not to myself or other people, I’m just content and alive.

I don’t really feel like being that dick and talk about how great it all it because that’s really boring, I just kind of want to spend the next few days taking it easy, watching television and moping around because that’s what seems most conducive to me working right now. Oh God maybe this is a post where I start to break down and cry about all the secret issues I actually do have, eh I probably do have them and one day something will happen and they’ll all come out and I’ll become a wreak, but until then it’ll be a laugh.


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