In The Pursuit of Coolness

“I’m not cool enough to be different”

Wise words from little Jenny, words that stuck with me.

I made a few decisions today, since there is approximately 0 chance I will ever unveil this blog to my parents and I doubt employers will ever read my blog fully and this decision will totally never come back to haunt me, I’ll add in swearing to this blog, just the tasteful fuck every now and then, this is a literary monument that I don’t want to dirty.

At the point of starting to write this I had another point but it’s been lost along with my hopes that Kanye will stop being angry and go back to making nice music.

Anyway let’s go back and roast that bitch Jenny.

Jenny’s right, she isn’t cool enough to be different, Jenny should probably continue wearing whatever the other kids wear, join some normal clubs and make non offensive jokes about pre selected funny topics like rainbows and fairies.

Once Jenny makes some friends and has other minions following her she will then be allowed to make strange choices and be different and she will be applauded for it, because she’s cool and different and hip.

She might choose to join debate club, start liking soul music or something other obscure that I don’t do so it doesn’t seem that Jenny is a female version of me and I’m not venting.

Jenny is now allowed to do the uncool kid things because she has so transcended cool that she is now allowed to do anything she wants to do. Shits twisted. Do what you wanna do kids, Liebermenn out.


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