Falcon Punched by Life

Double computing has never really been a fun experience, for an hour and twenty it just feels like I end up listening to music and then proceeding to beat my brain into the mammoth amount of work, it’s just a drudgery.

I always leave feeling like a zombified mess, destroyed and disheartened. Just about any class that just sits me down in front of some problems without any actual interaction will destroy me. I just plow through, destroying my will to live.

Today’s blog post is about getting down trod by life, there’s moments where the chore that is life just gets too much and you just feel broken. Not like emotionally overwhelmed or anything, just grey and soulless because everything lovely has been beaten out. That’s how I’d describe myself right now, on this bus.

Meh I’ll just listen to some Drizzy and eat some food and I’ll get back in the driver’s seat, I think all this is all a symptom of my lack of real exercise and work in the last few days, since I’m starting all that soon I don’t see the issues staying for long. Plus I’m dehydrated as hell and that never helps.


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