That Really Lumpy Kid

I was going to write a post it being defined by an action or a quirk, being remembered as the guy who drop kicked a baby or the girl with the strange blotch on her left lower knee.

Anyway turns out I didn’t know anyone in those predicaments and couldn’t really think about it.

So today’s post is on the wonders of posture and positioning. I’m on this bus that has the window sill bits really high so you can’t actually put your elbow on it and rest it like you’re really cool, plus you can’t jack your foot up into the side. It’s just a few behavioural things that really change your feeling.

Meek people just take up less room, they shrink into themselves, I think it’s a case of root causes creating symptoms that aggravate the real problem. You start off a little meek, get squashed in, you look meeker and are thrown into that lot, causing you to become more and more like a tiny cube of man.

I’m on the last day of my hiatus from sport, frankly my body feels awful right now, I’m at a loss for energy, I’ve shrunk in presence and stature and that lovely feeling of your muscles dying on you all the time. I’m looking forward to shredding myself on the rowing machine tomorrow.

I might add a little bit to this after the old people but I’ll probably forget and just spend an evening watching trash tv and eating ridiculously good tasting bramwell tart, that stuff is tight.

Quick thought, our quirks and habits define us, Robs that old guy that always lays out 4 brown sauces but doesn’t actually eat them, Robs dope and was one of the first people whose name I actually remembered.


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