Procrastination Power Rangers

The wifis down so I’ll write a blog post now. Well it’s back up now but I need to write this so I’ll just pretend it’s still down and type this out.

I seem to have this problem with working, I’m apprehensive to start it but once i’m in i’m pretty much all in, I can go for ages without realising time is melting by, well that and the fact I finally got the app blocker on my phone to start working so RIP all my social media during the daylight hours (approximately a whole two hours in Scotland at this time of the year).

I think I’ve lost my right forearm, coach decided we should row one handed today, a joy I have to say. Plus my hobo jumper has sadly shrunk in the wash and now adequately fits me, never have I been so sad that my clothes fit me so well. I spent a fiver on a meal between lunch and dinner and I have to say it was the greatest investment I’ve made in the last few months. Roast chicken legs, fried chicken bites and this cheeky salad.

Talking about the “Ch”  sound it reminds me of yesterday. Badminton almost made me cry, I turn up late because I was forced to experience the drudgery of a detention. The guy who gave me my title gave me the snarkiest, “subtle” jab at me, he had discovered that aside from missing registration (the reason for my detention) I had also lied about the reason I was late. He was mad but was eventually convinced not to give me a hardier punishment. Anyway he was still mad and forced me to write an essay on the importance of the truth and being found out. Long digress but I’m still bitter about that snarky old man that should really have bigger issues in life than some poor 15 year old boy.

They decide to start the thing with conditioning circuits, excuse me, this is a casual badminton thing, most people only go once a week and have the cardio of a middle aged woman. I spent half an hour watching privileged kids feebly attempt to prove their sportiness and eventually capitulate and die on the ground. Then we had a team thing, we split into two groups and played matches between each other. My team was vanquished. I was destroyed, well I wasn’t, I wiped the floor with those children, my team just sucked balls. I got so mad, I would destroy children 7-0, run up the scoreboard announce I had won another “cheeky ch’point” only to discover the inebriates on my team had managed to lost 4 games for every one I managed to win.



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