The Chess Boxing Prodigy

I’ll write this one watching a fat little boy who’s whiter than a 15 year old girl drinking Starbucks whilst wearing uggs. I’m in chess club, back to the old haunts. Rowing fell through and I’ve somehow ended up coerced to chaperone kids through this delightful game as they bumble through it.

This particularly annoying kid is reading a book larger than just about any I’ve ever seen. It’s a book of grand masters games. The kid is 10 I doubt he’s ever read anything longer than Biff Chip and Kipper, now he decides to pontificate on this other child’s game, I already hate this kid.

Some kid comes up to me ” are you just trying to look cool typing on your phone and drinking your diet coke?” I just got roasted by an 8 year old. All I can reply with is that its actually a cherry cola, I run off in shame.

….i just played fat pale kid and was brutalised by him. I will now presently kill myself.


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