Bounce Like a Tramp

“The world will be inherited by those who can pay attention to things for the longest.” A little nugget of knowledge from Captain Redbeard between rants about how to rail whores in clubs and to get beaten by oak leaves in russian bathhouses.

We live in a society of constant stimulus, 6 second vines, 10 second snapchats. Attention spans have shrunk dramatically, being able to read a book for longer than 15 minutes without checking your phone has become a phenomenon.

I think this was one of the reasons I stopped social media for a while, I’ve lost my lust for constant stimulation from social networks. I’ll mute my phone for extended periods of time because honestly I’d rather continue on my task than deviate and get lost for a good few minutes.

This all being said I’m no pariah, I still have a horribley short attention span, I can last about one pomodoro, or 25 minutes before I eventually give up and start glancing around for other things to do. I find it seriously worrying that I can’t manage to do something for more than half an hour, it’s something that I seriously need to work on in the next few weeks.

Now I’m going to run off, destroy myself physically. (I’ve found that if you do 30 pushups between every brain training exercise you do, you’ll eventually end up dead (for reference that’s total 150-180 pushups in a pretty short time)) plus I have an economics essay to prepare for tomorrow, ah the joys of being a tardy student.


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