Hurry Up With My Damn Croissant

Living on the wild side of life and blogging during class. I was going to say I’m being cool but then again I’m blogging.

I have some social proclamation to give about the state of society, something similar to my old post about having to be cool to be different.

6 hours later I realise there is no social proclamation to make. Apart from the fact I’m a suck up, I typed most of that just to make a friend laugh, I hope God forgives me for pandering to the crowd.

Actually I lied, I do have a social critique: The two major fallacies that people have. The belief that they could win in a fight and the belief they can pick up chicks.

I myself have fallen dreadfully into these two categories. For the fight part I was once told that someone had the intention of fighting me, let him come I said foolishly thinking I would destroy this young grasshopper who dared question my authority. I would’ve wrecked him, I had a solid year of Taekwon Do under the belt and had those little junior judo grades. Looking back I’m pretty sure I would’ve been knocked the fuck out. I had all these decent moves planned out but in reality I reckon he could’ve just socked me and then kicked me whilst I was on the ground, spinning back tripled 720 kick would not have saved my life.

As for the picking up chicks at the tender age of 15 I haven’t much experience but I know for sure the casanova in my head does not exist in real life.

On the topic of these beliefs that people irrationally hold, I am just about 100% I am the greatest at tons of things, it’s pretty worrying actually, my brain will tell me I’ve won countless things I’ve come last in. Told me I could probably beat someone at some skill they’ve been practicing for years and I’ve done for about a week (think fencing or my brief foray into table tennis)

It’s a strange thing having these beliefs, if a little disappointing when they don’t come true and you sit around looking stupid as hell.


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