Dreaming of Prime Ribs

Tumultuous describes my day rather well. My day starts off with choosing my subjects for next year. Honestly this one scared me a lot more than it should of, I’m liking my classes right now and perhaps the anxiety came from the fear of not knowing what my classes would be like next year.

Then I get hit by the big heifer. Econ assignment. One hour to get 30% of the course. It went pretty well but I’m pretty sure I wrote way too much (like 50% too much) oh well it probably won’t lead to me failing the course.

After this I walked around like a zombie for a good while, my brain was wiped. I kinda had this dazed smile on me that suggested I was either mentally retarded or had just had a threesome with Emily Ratajowalski and that girl Jason Statham dates.

Of course I totally had a physics competition last period which totally destroyed me as well. I actually thought I did pretty well, even with my defunct brain I still slayed that test.

My form of relaxation has somehow become watching fat american men grilling up prime ribs and eating them. Surprisingly good entertainment.

Adios kids I’m tired and need to pack for tomorrow (bring socks) plus that tv isn’t going to watch itself.



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