Getting Pimped by KFC

I’ve done posts on poison drips before, but like all those incredible topics I felt like it would be lovely to go over it again. Plus like all those big ideas it evolves as a concept as you grow and things that you care about change. Preach.

Ever since reading up about the American Pimp I was a little confused about why girls would fall into prostitution. Seems a pretty bad deal, you sell your body which isn’t terribly despicable but most of the money gets stolen by some scary man who beats you. Well what put it into prospective is that there are benefits to being a prostitute. Pimpology has become an art (jeez there’s books that even 15 year old conservative asian kids have heard of) and master pimps know how to make the broads feel like its all benefit with marginal downside.

Because I’ve based most off my knowledge off crude examples I’ll be using this example to determine the rest of my life. When you look at it empirically if it hurts you more than it helps you, cut that off. Well it’s not totally airtight but it seems like a good rule of thumb.

Now I had lots of stuff to talk about how I would change my life but it’s rather late, I need to drop some online deuces and continue watching black flag.


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