Where Do We Go From Here

I made a few resolutions today. Not explicit resolutions that I proclaimed in my morning prayer, but messages that came out naturally, coalesced and formed these little ideas that have germinated and sprung up into my mind.

The first resolution was that I would run this blog to the years end. I’ll end this blog on the day I reach 365 posts. I do feel a little melancholy, this thing has been with me through sickness and health and taught me a fair bit. Who knows I might start a new one, but I feel like if I don’t quit here I never will. Plus saying I wrote 365 blog posts in a year is better than something like 500 in 500.

There’s a few reasons I wrote this. One of them was to give to universities. At first I didn’t know what about it I would present to universities, my incredible ideas? Stunning personality? A few days ago I came up with it. It would be a way to show my tenacity, my dedication to a cause, the fact I could maintain habits and become dedicated. 365 in 365 shows that I put in the effort, I’ll do things that seem hard or impossible.

Plus I don’t really want them reading this that much and if I say it happened yonks ago then they would hold me to it.

Perhaps I’ll start a new one, a new foray. But more likely seems that I’ll take up a new little habit. It seems like a nice little idea. Each year I’ll choose something small to dedicate myself to for about 20 minutes a day. I’m thinking maybe meditation or Wim Hof method breathing which seems dope as hell.

The other thing is looking at my life objectively. This one will be stupidly hard. Man is well defended against himself as Nietzche said but I think it’ll be an interesting challenge trying to see myself from a neutral point of view. If I’m honest I feel a little confused about where I’m going in life (I confessed this to myself in a little prayer I did in physics) so I want to be able to see where I’m going and if and how I can change it.


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