Enjoy The Right Now

In preparation of writing this post I was being all gloomy and was going to write something about how whilst objectively my life is going the best it ever has been I’m still not satisfied.

Then Queen Nicki comes onto shuffle and teaches me that honestly I shouldn’t care about all that. I’ll worry myself to death thinking about the future, what I did in the past and what I could have fixed.

I’ll talk about the past bit first, we’ll go in chronological order because it makes sense. The past is the past and as much as you wish it you can’t change it. As a kid I dreamed of a time machine that would’ve taken me back in time to undo everything I’d every done badly. Over the years I realised that that would’ve never been a good idea, things happen for a reason, the universe gives you what you need not what you want. In reflection I’d say it all came out pretty well and whilst there are a few things I would change, the majority has happened for a reason and I just have to hope everything else that happens in the future will also be so.

About the future, sometimes I worry about it a little too much, problems compound and multiply in my head and then it just seems to get too much.

So that’s today’s post, stay in the moment (oh God I think I’ll go drink a kale shake now) and rock out to the music of life ( this paragraph has ruined my legitimacy as a person).


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