Bonty Mojangles

Dedicating this post to the most up high, Monty Bojangles, the greatest tasting truffles that you can buy in stores (totally sponsored).

Mum wouldn’t let me go to rowing today so I spent way to long today with RayZay, I think I’ve mentioned him before but in case I haven’t he’s the kid I went with to China camp and is pretty dope if a little naive.

Either way I had an extra two hours with him that I wouldn’t normally have, I found out a few things today that I should be doing.

  1. is being proud of my own achievements. He’s probably the person I know who talks about himself and his achievements the most, frankly I think most of them are inflated but it’s besides the point, watching him hum a few bars of his favourite sonatas and his love for sport makes me feel like I should really be more involved with my own extra-curricular things.

Honestly I didn’t learn much else but it was nice kicking it with someone you’ve had so much history with and swapping stories from each other’s points of view.


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