Pondering Pots of Pesto Pasta

Today was navigation day, or maybe not navigation day, it was cooking day I think, either way we were meant to walk across some hills then set up somewhere before cooking a bang tidy meal.

The walking went pretty well, the meal was kinda bad because we, as men, cannot cook and so managed to fail at making pasta. Then I reckon the pesto sauce must’ve reacted with the cooking pot in some way so it all tasted a little zincy and sour.

I get dropped off home and am presented with an empty home, left out to die in the cold, a few things struck me then, well not really, the only thing that struck me was an intense need to drop a deuce.

I don’t have a post in me right now, I’m just sitting around watching a crappy film and trying to recover for more orchestra stuff in a few ours.


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