Kierkegaard and Kock

For a while I had this strange obsession with philosophy, I think it might’ve been whilst I’ve had the blog. Anyway it happened because the smartest person I knew was enamoured with it and of course I wanted to be like him. I downloaded a few philosophical books onto the kindle and briefly perused them all. I gave up pretty quickly but I’ll justify it by saying people learn lessons in different ways and perhaps learning how to live your life from a text isn’t what I needed.

Either way I read a friend’s summary of a few schools of philosophy, one little thing caught my eye. I think it was Kant who says that what people experience is based on their mindset and what they believe. If you’re depressed the world you see will literally be bleaker, you’ll be unable to see some things that happier people can see because your mind fails to acknowledge something that doesn’t fit into your world view.

I’m not sure I totally believe in this but a lot of smart people have said it and honestly I’m inclined to believe it. As I got happier I noticed more opportunities to be happy, the world didn’t suddenly become happier, only I was able to see these things because they correlated with the picture I drew of the world.

That’s why I’m your worst moments it looks like nothing will ever get better because that’s all you’re allowed to see. Kants hypothesis also suggests that when you are incredibly happy it seems like nothing would be ever able to bring you down.


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