Riding the Big Train

Big train riding isn’t a euphemism for anything, I just wanted to say big boy train succinctly so I decided to miss out a word as is the fashion these days.

Today’s trip to adult town took me on a ride to D-town, again not a euphemism, it’s just that depression begins with d. I had somehow got it into my head that I’m depressed, it would explain the tiredness, the inability to work, unwillingness to move and the sporadic bouts of crying about the futility of life (I’m lying about the last one – sike). Anyway I took all this as me being depressive, partly because it seems to be depressive season right now and everyone spends their days moping around.

I’m procrastinating and come across this article about this, I read the symptoms and turns out I’m not depressed just a little pissed off that I spent most of rowing in sopping wet kit and lost all feeling in my feet for a few hours.

Or perhaps I am sad, my tear ducts seem to be watering as I write this, maybe the whole getting cold after rowing thing was seriously more traumatic than I thought it was. Either way I get a lie in tomorrow so I’m happy. (plus I’m totally on track to hit this one armed press up before my birthday)


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