Fixed It Right n Proper

Today I managed to fix my life entirely. In the 10 hours since I woke up (it’s 15:30 right now, I’m not suggesting I woke up at 12am and wrote this at 10 -that was convoluted as hell).

I had a few problems for the day. I was a little stressed from tests (the great Kevin sometimes feels anxiety about examinations) plus I was scared of rowing ergs, I was scared of pretty girls and starting conversations (okay the last one was Vance Joy) plus I think general life anxiety was creeping up.

It’s totally all fixed, well that or I’ve just put a band aid on a broken leg and the placebo effect is only just holding.

Tests are over, pretty simple, nothing like the dragons that I had imagined in my mind. In the face of everything I’ve ever done these were a walk in the park.

As for the ergo, probably the worst one I’ve ever done – and because of that it was the best if ever done. 4 intervals and after each I collapsed onto the floor, died a little then tried to recuperate before jumping back on. The last minute my coach who has decided to make my life a misery (and I love him for it) decides to make appreciative sounds whenever I get a low split and gently coaxes me into destroying what little of my happiness I had left. Oh well still got my new PB, felt chuffed as hell plus the newly dug well filled up pretty quickly.

Anxietys gone, I think it was coming up from a combination of things coalescing but they’re all fixed now.

Shoutout to ramen hair for making my computing classes so enjoyable (and my right arm so sore) (and my lip butter so decimated)


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