Staying Out All Night

I would’ve wanted to write this in KFC as I dined on succulent chicken breast and cried into my san pelligrino (well actually I couldn’t because the shops are closed) so I’ll have to write this on the rickety rackety bus.

I went to a party tonight because I’m a total steamer and love to get bevied every weekend. All jokes aside I thought I’d turn up because my main san was gonna hit it the night. Now I really can’t be bothered describing it, I’m way too tired, on a normal night I would’ve been asleep 2 hours ago.

It was cool though, eventually it just turned into a compliment off where people tried to smother each other with kindness. Ehm I would love to write a field report or something but my ailing memory is failing me so I’ll just end it here.

Night lads from the absolute rager kind Kev-Dawg.


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