Angry Old White Folk

It wasn’t until I heard a doddery old white man shouting at me through my earphones that I realised I had been doing everything wrong.

I should preface this post by saying I’m not exactly lucid right now. I told mother that me and some friends were making pizzas last night and I got to bed by 11. In reality I went to bed a lot later and woke up at 6 to watch vines because I have problems, then I couldn’t sleep when I got home because I was scared it would raise suspicions. Plus I’m pretty sure my body which had previously been a temple, has been razed by fried chicken, about a kilo of sugar and some ethanol for luck. Oh well it’s not like I’m playing at a concert in a few hours.

Dan Pena is a doddery old white man who takes no shit, and what I realised from listening to him berate a 40 year old man to the edge of tears is that I need people to set me straight. Dan has this ability to see through your bullshit and facades and figure out things that you don’t even know about yourself. What I need is a Dan Pena, I also need to revise for a maths test tomorrow, and to read more of that cracking book.

Free association is something I’ve been trying to work on, it’s meant to help creativity and making conversation flow. And whilst this next paragraph won’t be a result of free association because I explicitly stated it earlier, I thought I’d mention it because it’s something I’ve enjoyed and have decided to hand over this nugget of knowledge.

It’s a book about love. The emotion. Yes the creepy asian kid is reading a book about emotions because he has none. And whilst that point is true the book seems promising. It’s not really a guide in a women’s panties, in fact it’s more an attempt of another puzzled human being to explain and relate the idea of love using various examples and iconoclasts. I’m a few dozen pages in and so far she’s mentioned Proust, Aristotle, Cinderella and Neil Gaiman (the guy who wrote the Sandman comic), I’m liking this one, though in my addled state it’s sometimes a little hard to read.


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