Limits of The English Language

Every evening I do this brain training circuit on the iPad, I don’t actually think it makes me any cleverer. I’ve pretty much maxed out all the games and I spend about 2 minutes on it whilst watching youtube and working on my progressions (one month to go). Anyway there’s a little speedreading thing that gives you a piece of text to read really quickly. Yesterday’s topic was about how language affects your perception of the world.

English has many words relating to time, because of this it is hypothesised that english speakers more accurately process time than the Inuit who have stupid amounts of words for snow and little for time. Because of the sheer amount of words for snow they seem to be able to differentiate it better than we do. So having a lot of words for something means we can easily recognise and distinguish it.

Therefore we could probably induce that things that we don’t have words for in our language are unrecognisable and not experienced as much. Redbeard spoke today about how there’s some feelings, some sensations and combinations that we literally cannot comprehend because our language does not allow us to phrase it properly. I had this freaky idea about how all our lives are just memories that we slowly go past and how it perfectly made sense in my head in abstract motion but when the time came to put pen to paper I was dumbstruck, I literally could not find words that would adequately describe my idea.That’s part of the reason why I think we’ll never discover the answers to some questions, our language, and therefore our brains will never be able to comprehend some things. And because of this even if the answer is found, it can never be communicated to other people.


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