Easy Cheap and Quick

Being a savage. That’ll be the post, I do quite tire of beginning every post the same way and writing the same drivel but that’s the way habits go.

Last Friday my violin teacher rips into me when I arrive, as I’ve learnt through years of abuse you just roll with the hits laugh and make bigger digs until it becomes so exaggerated it’s silly. Anyway I’m a little confused because usually he’s so docile and nice, then I notice his student is laughing along and smiling. Now usually this girl looks sadder than a sad man on the saddest day of the year, but now she was smiling and actually looks like she’s having fun.

She leaves and he starts to apologize profusely, saying it was only because ribbing others made her feel better about himself. The apologies faded away and all I could feel was admiration, and a hint of inquisitiveness. I thought it was dope that my violin teacher thought of that and was a little curious about how it worked.

So after a few days of deliberation I’ve got it, well if I’m honest I had it on the Friday but I’ve only just remembered it. Putting others down makes you feel good because it shows you that your predicament isn’t so special and others feel it too, or perhaps its that you feel happy seeing someone worse off than you.

Perhaps I haven’t got this one as down as I thought but I thought it an interesting observation from the human zoo.


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