Bonds of The Blood

About two days ago my darling parents finally decide to let me know that my some relation will be coming over for the Easter weekend . I was a little annoyed, I’d have to miss a rowing camp (meaning I would have to disappoint the most important man in my life), plus I’d give up my loving double mattress in favor of a blowup bed and sleeping bag for 4 nights because my parents can’t be bothered getting the mattress out of the garage.

Now usually I’d say I’m a pretty social person I don’t do too many bunts and don’t usually end a conversation getting slapped, but for some reason whenever I’m in front of my parents I just forget how to talk to people, I was sliding around, words falling off my tongue into social oblivion. I feel as if it’s something to do with all this hiding stuff from my parents and its caused me to not be able to show my parents I can talk to people. Or perhaps I just am really socially awkward and it takes the excellent social acumen of my mother and father to show me just quite how bad I am at it.


She seems lovely enough, stupid nice and kind. A fresh import 22 but has only been in this hallowed country for a year. But for a basically native Chinese person who was brought up in the proverbial shite-hole that is my grandma’s town she seems lovely. No weird quirks, wears standard attire for a girl her age (stark white addidas and ripped jeans) and I can manage to get a conversation with her without feeling like I need to purge my body afterwords. We’ll have to see what happens during dinner though, these white people table manners have seriously put me off eating with most asians, that stuff’s scary as hell.


Anyway I just rediscovered soundcloud and it seems lovely for revising plus AmpMe seems like possibly the greatest app I’ve ever seen and I’m going to try and make a really shiny ball of mud one day soon.

(needed three things to be grateful about today)

And I totally need to start up yoga one day, my body feels stupidly tense 24/7 it’s a terrible sign of the shambles my hormones must be.


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