Learning From a Lothario

Since I decided to quit social media for the extended Easter weekend I’ve been at a loss with my phone. It’s been great I’ve read more and I feel my addiction to it weaning, I wouldn’t say I feel happier though, for some reason I now seem possessed by this nascent depression which seems to have no origin, or perhaps a  result of many individual issues hammering at my immortal soul.

Scrolling through my suggestions on YouTube I see one video that catches my eye, a 9 hour audiobook of Neil Strauss’ “The Game”. Now I’d heard about this book oft enough, Neil seems a pretty frequent guest on podcasts, he’s a safe entry to pickup, someone who the general population doesn’t instantly loathe and fear. Now for the past few months I’ve been diving into the pickup community as a whole, I’d heard rumblings of this old guard “style” and “mystery” who rocked out in feather boas and employed more tactics than a chess grandmaster, this all seemed like some forgotten past that had been shed and had no use for me now, learning about the new vanguard.

Either way I had hours to burn and I was genuinely interested. Thus began my foray into the PUA universe of old. I watched the formation of their universe, the coining of terms, the origin of my teachers and the origin of those who had shaped those men. I learnt some of the most basic lessons of game, ideas Neil had picked out that still remained as true now as they were 15 years ago when he first realised them. I’m only four hours in but this seems incredibly important and probably something I’ll read and listen to over and over again. I don’t remember many quotes because my brain is stupid like that but one was “in order to first get a woman you must be first willing to lose her.” Now I thought that was tight as hell, well done Neil, you found it. It seems one of those thing echoed in all areas of high performance. Last week before I died rowing I read that I should be willing to lose everything in order to gain what I wanted. Eric Thomas told me to be ready to sacrifice everything that I am currently in order to become who I want to be.

So no I don’t really watch and listen to these things to pick up chicks, at 15 I don’t really have either the resources or the maturity to try it but rather to learn these paths to mastery. Each person chooses their own path with which to get there, some chose weightlifting, others choose cooking or writing, I’ve just chosen how to learn how to rail whores in the bathrooms of clubs.



(yeah I might seem really weird right now for liking all this stuff but I’ll just say without learning some of the things I’ve learnt from Redbeard and the others I would’ve never become who I am now and still be a mentally retarded drooling asian kid)


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