Trivial Little Matters

“A lot of truth is said in jest”another phrase that just keeps coming back to me. I suppose I’ll just talk about it a little here.

Being truthful in today’s society is a hard to find quality, our speech, mannerisms and actions will never be wholly truthful for a few reasons. One is that we are always trying to impress others (often subconsciously) we’ll change some words or even the whole idea in order to pander to the crowd. We also don’t ever say the real truth because we don’t want to ever admit it to ourselves, to say it is to give it merit and acknowledge its existence.

So what it means when they say that truth is said in jest is just that whilst joking its easy to say things you want to say, a joke can be retracted, you can rationalise that you don’t actually believe what is said by categorising it as a joke, but the truth still emerges.

Jokes are one way that people can address the real issues and problems and bring to the surfaces ideas that would otherwise go undistrubed.


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