Wait For The Ball Drop

I haven’t even left for dofe and I’ve already fucked up with my posting, totally forgot to press the post button on yesterday’s post.

This will be today’s post and then I’ll have to write another 3 posts for the next few days. I am a little loathe to write 4 at once, on a good day I can barely write the one.

I wrote this one post ages ago called something like “what I learnt from hitler” it wasn’t really a proclamation that I was a neo-Nazi it was all about learning from everyone, picking and choosing the best parts from every person and incorporating them into yourself. The point was even if you loathed the person you should still try and learn a little from them.

I’m not really going to rewrite that post but I thought I’d talk more about the future of this (shit that was my plan for another one of the posts…) anyway I reckon what I’ll do for the second year of having this is re-reading the post that I wrote on the day a year ago. It’ll be a little introspection about how I’ve changed and serve to remind me of the things my past self learnt. I’ve realised I don’t actually read this blog much myself and once I’ve pressed post I hardly ever go back and read it.

I’ve talked a bit about what the next habit will be, currently I’m not too sure, perhaps it’ll be taking my reading seriously or something other like learning meditation or taking a few moments of silence to reflect and think about the day I’ve had – I’ve done this once or twice in my life and both times I’d say it worked pretty well.


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