Energy Flows and Bros

Post two of four.

It’s amazing seeing what enervates you (enervate I recently found out actually means to weaken when I had initially thought it had meant to get stronger) and what will energise you.

Last two periods I have biology, biology for me is a personal hell. Sure I love the kids and everything but my teacher seems to have this weird bipolar disorder where her reaction to any action I do is as varied as is the pounding of waves on the darkened sea bed of the ocean (poetry please). Today wasn’t too bad but she just made us do quiet revision. Being bored to death probably aptly describes how I felt by the end I had slumped over with a laptop perched on my knees, legs supported by two stools and laughing weakly at Internet memes. We finish and I return to the beautiful sun that charged up my batteries and put the fire back in the engine, well it kinda made me feel a bit better but it’s still far too cold to be happy.


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