Three of Four

It’s started, I’m losing my ability to write or have some semblance of creativity. The title reflects that. Damn I really need to work on my punctuation because it’s probably one of the things holding me back from becoming a pulitzer prize winning blogger (that and I also need to learn how to become a pulitzer prize winning blogger).

Now I’ll talk here about broken promises. I remember someone talking about how a man is only as good as his promise. Well I suppose it’s true and something I really need to work on, I make far too many promises that I don’t intend to or just cannot keep. It sort of dilutes your image, you become the person who isn’t trustworthy and in a world or snakes what we need is trustworthy people. (Coincidentally Promises by Wiz just came on, God does work in very strange ways)

But that’ll be my resolution that I only make promises I intend and can keep because honestly it kinda pisses me off that I can’t keep my own promises. That’s part of where confidence comes from, having a history of completing goals that you set and knowing that you can do just about anything.


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