I need to stop lying to my parents about who and when I’m going out.

I’ve talk about this one before in the 6 year deception but today marked a new low.

I’m out today celebrating a friend’s 16th, except I stayed over at his on the sat for his birthday and he apparently left for France on the sunday.

My amazing idea was that the flight got moved to Thursday because his mum had a business meeting then he decided to have a bigger party with more people today (of course it was just a pizza party with boys) then we went back to another friends to watch the hobbit (the longest film I could think of).

In reality we did go have pizza then went back to a friend’s to drink, the friend who’s house I’m getting picked up from is actually away on holiday and the lack of lighting is due to everyone watching the film.

One day it’ll all fall through and when that happens I’ll have a lot of explaining to do.


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