I Stole George’s Puddin’

I write this post a changed man. I’m fixed (oh dear I’m pretty sure this is like the 4th time to say this in a month and each other time has come to no avail).

As I walked down to volunteering in my comfy ass jeans and my nice fitting teeshirt wondering what my snack should be, the sun came out radiant and glowing and with the sound of Kanye shouting down my ears my life came together into one little nice place.

I’m sure I’ll be fucked again tomorrow but today was spent doing lovely things, I’ve kinda settled things that need to be settled and everything else is working pretty well.

I don’t really have a post in my right now, just a little check in saying I’m real cool right now and you kids should go watch some Louis CK because he’s stupid darn funny.

Plus I had volunteering today and I accidentally took away this old man’s pudding because I thought he was done. He then made me apologize and flip a coin a few times until he was happy. Damn old people.


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