Giving Away Your Potatoes

My thoughts this morning at 6 o’clock were how to write the most killer bang up blog post I’d ever written, I drafted, proofread and meticulously wrote down the bibliography for one in my head. About 10 hours later I’ve managed to forget the whole thing so I’ll have to write the story about how I gave money to a druggie.

So I actually ever given money to a druggie because frankly they have more money than i do but it seemed like a nice little cliffhanger before your eyes tracked a few more millimeters down and read this unexciting paragraph.

The joy of giving, living the life of servitude it seems to be something lots of saintly people do. What the rich kids do after they’ve reached peak richness and what reformed assholes end up doing. There’s a certain pleasure that you get from doing nice things for people, I think the proverb went something like “giving is the only action that blesses both the giver and receiver” anyway I’d thought being soppy was cool because I’m currently soaking because Edinburgh decides to rain. After DofE the rain literally gives me PTSD now and I’m on the verge of tears.
I’m gonna get off the bus now and pray to God that I remember to post this once I get WiFi again but with my memory the chances of that happening are pretty damn low.

Remember to post this with 20 minutes to spare because this fat lady on the Internet telling me what a munchie box was inspired me so much.


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