What The Hell Happened.

Somewhere along the road to wherever I’m going I became a little bitch. Sitting in the dentists whilst mum’s getting a filling and I’m visibly squirming, I’m terrified of these big pointy needly things that they’re sticking in her mouth and the pain seems horrible, I’m tempted to go run to the toilet and hide.

It seems a little indicative of a larger problem. I’ve become a little pansy, listening to R Kelly and thinking about my emotions and how I feel, dear God when did I hand in my man card and turn into a neutered little bitch.

Okay I am trying to seem a little more angry than I am, R Kelly is actually quite cool and I’m glad I’m listening to some of the older music, this rap and shit was really messing with my whole middle class Asian kid vibe. Plus at least acknowledging emotions means I’ve gone one step further from sociopath which is nothing but delightful.

So there’s today’s update, I’m happy that I’m changing into a pansy lil bitch. For now at least maybe in a few weeks I’ll rebuke it and go back into terminator mode.


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