Thimble and Fumble

Yeah I’m pretty sure my mind is broken. I distinctly remember having 3 different ideas for blog posts but they’re all forgotten. On the other hand I remember having deja vu this morning whilst I sat in front of a computer, writing down some English notes whilst house of cards played – I would say I remember it in graphic detail but I remember exactly nothing in graphic detail.

As someone who received little love as a kid I would imagine situations and play them out in my head. Today as we drove home from the shops I imagined an interview with a potential employer. We got to it and I realised I had so much to tell him but I couldn’t put any of it into words, my brain was so broken that I couldn’t say what I wanted to.

Anyway because I also have ADD let’s talk about my dreams. I had a few dreams last night. Two of which were me telling some friends things I really wanted to tell them, things that really pissed me off about them and really needle addressing. There were two other really cool ones but alas they’ve flown away into the winds of forgotten memories.

Anyway I’m going to drift back away into some more adventure time, profitaroles (no bloody clue how to spell them) ymy swanky new woollen socks and trying to resist the allure of the beautiful thing that is beer. (what a cool guy right)


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