To Write or Not to Write

Writing that title made me want to kill myself. I’ve joined the leagues of teenage girls who don’t really give a fuck about literature but who bastardise these quotes (which every single person in the world knows, you’re not clever for using them) as a way of positioning themselves as intellectual but in reality they snort coke off black dick and get railed in the bathrooms.

That paragraph may make me sound a little more angry than I actually am, I’ve been aimlessly writing revision notes into a jotter for a while now and I need some flash of emotion to boot me out of this experience. Btw getting full DJ sets on YouTube is way better than mixcloud or shitty playlists when it comes to revising (lifehacks).

Anyway I’m going on holiday today, honestly it’s probably not the cleverest idea on my parents or my part, seeing as I have proper exams in a few weeks. Oh well, I’ll stop writing here because I need to go take one last shiza before leaving the house for the last time :-(.


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