Mindlessly Mumbling Miracles

I do have a strange little penchant for using these alliterative as well as using the word penchant instead of inclination or liking.

I’m here today class to talk about something that’s been on my mind for a good few hours: the lack of voices in my head.

As I mindlessly walked around a small city in France – I’ll call it that because I’m in Nice and frankly the name pisses me off so much, it reminds me of rank little puns that stupid white girls can make with little or no brain power.

Anyway it was something about meditation and people talk about how hard it was for them to remove the voices in their heads, then I realised I seemed to lack too many, not that many nagging doubts or a little sickass that shits all over me. Just the one, a little sadistic, perverted and loathful but still my own jubilant little voice.

It’s late and I’m in no mood for writing so I’ll end it there but anyway how are the voices in your head doing?


One thought on “Mindlessly Mumbling Miracles

  1. They’re doing fab, and are currently screaming at me to get the fuck off wordpress. But ehh, having not very many irritating doubts is GOOD. And oh crap the Nice puns ugh


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