Francis Taught Me

“It costs me little and will mean the world to them. ”

Words spoken by the enigmatic sociopath Frank Underwood in House of Cards my new procrastination hobby. Damn I’m pretty sure him and Claire are relationship goals (says a lot about me, a little worrying) anyway I love the little guy and his manipulative little ways.

I think it makes a lot of sense, an investment that benefits someone else a lot. Okay I’m watching Black Sails while writing this so it won’t be incredible writing but I like the idea so I’ll go along with it.

I tried reading a book on economics last week and I got through most of it but there was something about something I really can’t concentrate right now but the whole idea was raising the net level of happiness in the world.

By doing a little thing that means a lot you raise the net happiness making the world a better place.

Oh dear lord I can’t write whilst doing something else so I’ve resorted to this drivel about love and happiness but I liked the quote so here it is.

Edit- if any of you kids on the Internet ever goes to Nice in France, go to Baccaccio in the city centre. The staff are nice as hell, the food will destroy. We got the paella for two and another clam linguine; the clams go untouched and the three of us are taken out by this stupid behemoth paella. Seems pretty expensive before you go in but to be honest you could’ve fed a village with that 66 euro paella and then some.


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