The Five Rings

I’m at a loss for words right now, not in a shell shocked way or like I’m emotionally traumatised I’m just a little tired, for someone who usually gets in bed by 10 and asleep in another half an hour these last few days have been tiring as hell.

Whilst thinking about what I’d write about I thought about some of the things I’d listened to today. Most saliently I remember Tucker Max talking about university and its merits- or more accurately it’s lack of merits.

He posits that its generally just middle class people showing off that they have enough money to waste 4 years and a stupid amount of cash, the stuff you learn can be learnt in about a month of focussed sturdy and other things in this vein. The problem is you can’t really rebuke it, it’s a sort of currency these days, a university name on your CV. It’s an easy indicator of how smart and rich you are, it easily divides candidates into two pools – the haves and havenots.

I’ve realized a few things about myself today, some a little nefarious and some more benign. I’ve realised I’ve managed to cultivate a disdain for people I deem below me, for people who are stagnating in life and those who basically are millionaires by 40. It’s strange watching me almost being revolted at attendants and servers who wasted their god-given chances and didn’t go out and use it.

Damn when you write it out it’s pretty fucking awful, I wrote a post a few weeks ago about how people where happy wherever they are, that’s just something I need to remember. That people can be satisfied with their lives even if they don’t match up with my view of whatever is ideal.

I would write more but the airport wifis running out and I really need to check some stuff out online.


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