I Might Have A Problem

Today I’m writing about this small problem I may have, turns out I can’t read long passages, at least on screens.
I was procrastinating as always and was on GQ reading random shit and honestly I can’t remember what the article was but it seemed import ant enough that I clicked on it. I tried to read it and manage to make it two paragraphs down before giving up, scrolling all the way down and then stop. This happens a shitload whenever I’m reading off screens, it somehow gives me dyslexia.

Back in the day when I was a bulletproof babe I remember him talking to Helen Irlen who diagnosed some condition where artificial lighting disrupts some brain functions and impairs it resulting in loss of efficiency and crap. At risk of diagnosing myself off of things I’ve read online perhaps I have Irlen Syndrome, I really hope I don’t, the glasses they wear are tinted red and all seem to be wrap around, here’s hoping I don’t have it.

Anyway I’m back in the good old burgh, no other city seems to match up with it, sure Nice was nice (I hate myself) but it got on my nerves in the end, everything smelt kinda European and it just didn’t have the homeness of Edinburgh. I doubt I’ll ever think of any place nicer than Edinburgh or any hotel nicer than home. I do hate hotels, the beds are always stupid uncomfy and thread counts piss me off, at home I’ve got pretty cheap ass covers with bad thread counts but I like it like that, those expensive Egyptian cottons just muffle me up inside. There’s just something about hotels that piss me off, perhaps its their attempts at cleanliness or the stench of cleaning products every day when you get back but after the first few days of bliss and happiness it just feels crap.

The nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed in wasn’t the one I would’ve expected. It was the one for china camp last year (well last last year technically) which was basically a small village but with hotel rooms. The room wasn’t big, but comfortably fit two double beds, the bathroom was nice as hell and had a massive shower- the only problem was that one of the bathroom walls is a pane of glass with crappy blinds so my roommate could perv on me 24/7. The hotel didn’t really put on a pretence of being amazing, room staff didn’t do much cleaning, with a few hundred kids in the same hotel they couldn’t do much, changed towels and gave us a few waters and were done. Maybe because it was just a kickass experience the hotel is shrined in some ethereal glow but na it was pretty decent.


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