I’m a Little Sleep Deprived

Yesterday I got amped up, hyped and some other word to describe excited. I hit up ET again for the first time in ages and hit everything up.

Of course being overly joyful will never lead to good things in the future so I’ve kinda screwed myself a little with my decisions from yesterday.

I decided on two little habits. Firstly was to wake up 10 minutes earlier every day and try and meditate. my alarm on my watch wakes me up this morning early as expected, I flick on a timer for 10 minutes and hope to god I become enlightened, sadly I’m still tired so this breathing exercise just becomes me rolling around in bed hyperventilating whilst cursing myself for making this decision.

I also in my work ethic decided to write an English essay a day. These are critical essays and if you don’t know what it is it’s just analysing a text based on a cue from a question. They’re meant to take about 45 minutes each and total around 800-1000 words. Fuck. Well I’ve done it two days in a row but I’m kinda screwed. I got home at 6:30 and it was pretty hard fitting everything in today, I’m kinda already late for bed and I’ve got weights early morning tomorrow. Thursday night I’m getting in at 8 from 2 hours of rowing…all to write an english essay with a few hundred words. Thankfully this blogging has sped up my typing and writing so I’m finishing them in about half an hour.

Anyway I’m going to bed or else I’ll be in a coma tomorrow.


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