Guide to Begging

This might be totally detestable to be writing about homeless people and beggars because to be honest they’re one of those groups in society that everyone should be protecting but I’m doing it anyway.

I don’t really have much bad things to say about them.

Sidebar: I’m on the bus and I thought I saw a beggar on the street, the bus pulls closer and he’s wearing a bloody Canada goose jacket and on a Macbook, for some reason he’s just also propped up against a building sitting down.

Anyway to continue the above part I don’t really think anything bad of them, they’re in a crappy situation usually out of their own control and do whatever they have to to get through the drudgery, sure some resort to drugs but it’s just a cope mechanism to survive their dire situation so I really don’t mind.
Anyway this isn’t about begging but rather about getting things you want and conversely not begging. Needing something to survive is pretty detestable, to want something so badly that you’re willing sacrifice anything for it is pretty damn tragic. I think that’s why I find people with addictions so repulsing, that they need something so badly that they will lose everything just to get another hit.

I’m not actually sure what is do despicable about it. I think it’s some weird evolutionary function that we were afraid of people that would betray anyone to get what they wanted. In your little tribes trust is key and someone who’s lust for an object is greater than his want for the collective good is dangerous.

I think when we give things up we want a little fight in it, we want the race and the rush of the pursuit, the tumultuous falls and highs but with desperation comes a constant low lying buzz of boredom. The ending is already determined, there’s no doubts or guessing, it’s like watching a film twice, you know what’s going to happen and the magic of adventure never returns.


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