Hell on The Water

This is gonna be another one of those incredibly short posts where I have to meet my daily quota and I’m stupid tired and still have stupid amounts of things to do. I had actually written a blog post that was substantial and meaty but then I decided to lose my phone after it sorta spontaneously combusted and decided to use what 30% of charge I had left of heating my phone up to a supernova. I’ve spent the last 12 hours at a rowing competition where I did somewhere in the region of 5 minutes of rowing, I’m not saying it’s an incredible waste of time but it’s probably up there along with making a revision plan (because no one ever follows them).

Anyway it was pretty fun and the 5 minutes of actual racing was pretty damn exhilarating, pounding down the water, competing with other boats and a ginger-bespectacled man bellowing for us to give it all we’ve got, actually when he told us to make all the training worth it something inside me snapped and I’m pretty sure I tried to kill myself.

S/O to holly cum-a-lot who may be reading this, and s/o to this girl I met at some medicine workshop months ago and kept making awkward eye contact with today (because turns out she also rows) perhaps one of us will grow a pair tomorrow and say hi.


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