Big Dan Special

So it happened today, I turned 16. The changes started this morning, I sprouted chest hair, my muscles expanded 30% and I finally managed to grow a single, solitary leg hair. I’m kidding of course, I woke up normally – if a little worse than normal this morning. I suppose I woke up around 5 and fumbled around the bed dreading the day’s events. 6 I get up and get ready for my day, turns out I’m spending my birthday at a rowing competition. There’s not really much to say but I spent another 12 hours to only row a solid 4 minutes.

On the plus side I found my phone which I had left on one of the buses the night before.

Anyway now I’m 16 and a man of responsibility some things have clicked. Halfway through the race I realised that really I can tolerate a lot more pain than my puny mind thinks I can and I should also bring more water to races because 20 minutes without it is actually pretty hard.

I get home and do things, none of it’s really interesting until it comes to my birthday wish, I really fucked myself over on that one. The first thought that came to mind was one of those funny little jokey lines you’ll tell your friends you wanted but in reality you wished for something real, well I messed up and chose some stupid little transitory problem. Then I course corrected and told myself to stop being a little bitch and focus on the future.

About the name of the blog, I’m not changing it, at least not until my one year anniversary of this comes up (in a few dozen days I reckon) and I think I’m going to quit then, so I’m really on a damn timer for this.

And a few months ago I swore that I would be able to do a one armed pushup, well I did succeed, kinda. The form’s pretty damn awful but I manage to get up and down with one hand, I couldn’t do it today because my 8 minutes of exercise this weekend really fucked me up but let it be known I do not renege on my promises. Plus I’m totally killer now at one legged squats because I did those stupid progressions a few weeks ago and my one-legged balance is foire.

So that’ll be me signing off as a newly minted 16 year old, off now to rail whore, get married and join an army.


5 thoughts on “Big Dan Special

  1. happy birthday! hope you have a great year ahead of you – like you said, it’s always good to “stop being a little bitch” and to focus on the future, haha.

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