Sense of Urgency

The first order of the day is to give my favourite jihadi baddy a shoutout because one I’m writing this whilst eating curry (prawn markina or some shit) and because it also segues rather nicely into my second order of the day.

Recently I’ve had a intervention, a Kevintervention (genuinely been waiting years to use that one) from friends and some random pagans who decide to jump in on the roasting because they themselves have nothing worthwhile to do.

I’ve become too stretched thin, tried to diversify little too much and  tried to have my fingers in a few too many pies ( I am sorry for that metaphor). In my search for acceptance and love I’ve gone a little too far and forgotten who truly matters.

I don’t really believe most of that honestly, I haven’t run off on any dalliances with people and I certainly haven’t sacrificed much with my real friends in the process. I see where the criticism is coming from and whilst it does have its roots in the truth the actual sprouting geranium that has sprouted since seems a little too big for its boots. Anyway I will try and invest a little more in my “day ones” as Drake calls them and as ET says “be faithful over few and become master of many” because honestly all I want is to be master of the universe.


On the topic of being big for my boots I’m gonna toot my own trumpet because why write a blog if you’re not going to boast once in a while why write a bloody blog. My critical essay on a shitty little play called the Browning Version has changed the way my teacher sees the book. And now after that spot of ego gratification (which was cut a little short because I felt awkward typing it, I now bid you adieu.


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