Open Wide

I was about to write a post about how damn great my memory was but I just realised I had conceptualised a post before that and actually I had a shite memory.

One piece of criticism I get about the blog (aside from the constant blog-buse and insults lobbed at me) is that all my posts are the same ego gratification shit that makes others feel worse about themselves and myself better about myself, well you’re not wrong.

Sorry I’m kinda stalling for time because I haven’t actually got anything interesting to write about, all I’ve done today is attempt to revise in school and afterwards I went to volunteering, as vanilla as it gets.

It would be cool to have one of those really exciting lives, where everyday is a mystery and you spontaneously do whatever will push you towards your goals in life.

Spraffing over, I have a post for today, my goals in life.

My goals aren’t set in stone, I don’t even know what I want to do in university let alone in the years following that but a few things I know pretty much for sure.

I’m going to do well at it, if I’m honest (and yes I’m going to be an arrogant twat this post) I’m probably in the top 99% of the population in everything I’ve set my mind to, lest I seem like I’m blowing my own horn to much I’m hardly gonna fail.

I’m going to be a millionaire and probably be unhappy about it. I have this carnal desire for money, the attitude of someone who was raised without much resources, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if I became a coked up insurance guy who does everything to try and make more money and becomes suicidal from it, I’m honestly pretty sure that’s how it’ll end up.

I’m loathe to say anything negative because I’m a strong believer in the law of attraction and writing down bad things will probably make them happen so here’s me trying to save my adult self from failure.

I’m going to try and not live out any of the sins of my parents and probably fail. I’ll admit it, my parents aren’t the best bunch of people but I couldn’t and wouldn’t change them for the world and much to my younger self’s chagrin I’ll probably end up like them.

I’ll repeat the same patterns over and over again much to my own frustration. Even at the ripe old age of 16 and a few days ย can already see myself repeating dangerous patterns and repeating history in new settings, it’ll come up again and again as an adult and I won’t learn until one day it comes back and destroys my life and I’ll have to pick everything back up from there.

I’ll end it there and sorry about that kids but I wanted something to write and that’s what came to mind.




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