Passive Aggressive

Oh dear God, I’ve watched a little too much Geordie Shore lately, well comparatively a lot for me, a solid half episode a day, sacrificing 30 minutes of my precious revision time. Genuinely watching this show reminds me how happy I should be to have a pretty good emotional state of health and not been brought up in a crappy neighborhood because that shit is scary.

Anyway a few days ago I downloaded this app that told me how many times a day I’ll go on my phone, I’m pretty surprised by the numbers. Turns out I’m swiping it open around 80 times a day and spending about 2 hours a day on it. Jesus lord. My digital master has enslaved me into spending stupid amounts of time on something I don’t think I’m spending a pittance on. I was convinced I didn’t use my phone that much but the numbers don’t lie.

Perhaps for study leave I’m gonna just bin the phone, I’ll do my social media exodus again and learn to live without the bloody thing and also become a hermit in the process and spend all my time watching G shore because there’s a solid 12 seasons to be watched.


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