4th of 3

So apparently water has 4 states, there’s the solid, liquid gas and apparently there’s a fourth but I haven’t finished listening to the podcast so I’ve no bloody clue what it is.

Anyway I’m still to put out a major fire blog post today so I decided to skip badminton and send out this major public service announcement, well I’m kinda tired and a little sleep-deprived because I’m tired as hell.

I think I use the word anyway to excess, and the word bloody and apparently according to a chicken nugget who looks like he has ramen hair but I compare things to God too much.

Anyway (shit) I really want a bloody salt and pepper chips from the Chinese place right now and the jihadi baddy just let rip the foulest salt and pepper shite and brb dying.

Terribly sorry for the awful quality of posts but blogging isn’t really too priority right now, sorry lads.


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