Food for Food

So I did probably the stupidest thing in the history of binge watching shows, starting from not the start. The show has 12 bloody seasons and I decided to start halfway through season 11, my ‘binge’ only had 10 episodes, that’s only like just less than 7 hours over 4 days, my binge was an average of 2 hours a day for four days, damn I really wanted to try and fail these exams.

But seriously I’m like dying, I’ve consumed a solid few thousand calories and haven’t even had dinner and the mountain of profiteroles that are for dessert. I wake up bang out a mason jar of soaked oats which is like a few hundred calories, half an omelette and a muffin. Lunch time I have chicken soup then run off to the supermarket afterwards to get some pasta and Chinese ribs (I got the most racist look off the server I swear to god) and I’ve probably had 500 grams of this pasta salad that’s meant to be for next week, oh dear. Plus I’ve done approximately 0 exercise this week, can’t wait for summer.

Brain’s a lickle broken, I haven’t even done that much work today, I’m not going to bother totting it up but only about 4 hours of actual work and I swear to God all I want is sleep and perhaps some more food, it does seem like I’m in a little bit of a dazed state right now and it’s just turned 6, I reckon I’ll give up with the revision today, or maybe a gentle procrastination-past-paper after dinner so I don’t feel like a complete failure.

I need a haircut, and to perhaps go to a rowing session again…my man tits are sprouting up again.

I was floundering there looking for a topic to talk about then I remember what I had to say. Meghan Trainor, NO.

I’m not sure why I have this hate for her, I despise her more as a person than I have anyone else in this world and I don’t even know her. There’s something about her songs, the lyrics and the way she sings. Firstly I’m not sure whether or not I support body positive shit, okay I do support it but sometimes I don’t, like when I saw that dear fat people video I almost shared it on facebook then realised I’d get beaten for that, but no in general I think everyone should love the body they have….but on the flipside whilst you can love what you have I reckon an impetus should still be put on trying to look your best and if that means working out more or eating better then do that shit, I think what so disgusts me about her music is she’s fine with her body (which is totally fine) but then says it’s the ideal and everyone should be like her – frankly it’s a reverse anorexia and urgh.

Her song “NO” is just cringeworthy, go away Meghan stop trying to  be a femme fatale and try and seduce boys and lead them on. I swear to God if she played that shit on a man and did all her teasing and telling him no when he wanted to do shit that man would just fuck right off and find some whore to rail on tinder and she would cry at home eating ben and jerrys whilst all her other vegan friends comfort her and talk about how they’re ‘bad bitches’ and have gone through the hardest experiences in the world then talk shit about men online and shout at meek men who are trying their hardest to improve themselves and calling them ‘pathetic’.

I really bloody hate her, perhaps it’s just some weird PTSD I have about being shamed by fat white blond chicks or some future prediction that I’ll get an internet hate group created by some avid groupie of hers.

(I don’t hate curvy blonde chicks, I’m in love with Iskra Lawrence – it’s just meghan seems so damn annoying and I’ve only spent about 9 minutes seeing her)


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